Personal Demons

Twilight’s shadows consume my thoughts,
reapers glove clutching daylight to suffocation.

Sleep remains elusive, in waking dreams,
obsessive images loop unfettered.

Fertile soil of ancient memories,
spawn demons of my past realms.

Yesterday storming today’s bastions of sanity,
manufactured reality expired, obsolete.

Gatekeeper guard the boundaries of my soul,
fist falls of desperation resounding, pounding.

Claw the erected walls upward,
crumbled reality a pinhole of dawns light.

Relinquish the reapers grasp,
another day as demons wait for dusk.




A soul too beautiful for this world

Of starry nights and unrequited love


Speak in colors beyond mortal words

A glimpse, a gift imbued from above


Brushed aside, his strokes revealed

A heart beyond what we could feel


By his own hand he made his choice

When to a deaf ear his words repealed


Beyond his time we can finally see

His beauty and love as it was meant to be




Beyond The Boardwalk


Narrow slats of wood, ticking time,

step by step, gap by gap,

follow the rhythm and the rhyme.


Between the lines, its safer here,

follow the rest, stay on the map,

eyes straight ahead, the path is clear.


As if on rails, locked to this course,

has free will abandoned me?

maybe it’s time to revisit the source.


Beyond the boardwalk now I will tread,

free of betrayal beguised as friends,

along my own path I will travel instead.







Behind curtained eyelids,

worlds open limitless,

beyond horizons,

for here I see you.


Eyes open I seek,

a familiar glimpse,

always mistaken,

denied by distance.


Within I feel you,

just beyond reach,

a soft touch,

glimmer at the edge of sight.


Turning to find,

you were never lost,

within we are bound,

as we have always been.





Nail Me To The Cross Again

Lay down rules to follow,
isolation of sins and tears,
the plan known only to God,
find power in the innocence of fear.

Dominion betraying duty,
quoting verse, chapter and creed,
pompous braggarts revere,
dictate the path of greed.

Defects of man raised by devine intervention,
the cost in souls to feed the need,
patterns and rules to which I must bend,
to claim success,  the lies to breed.

How I may strive to live a life devine,
your darkened soul perverse in vice,
how you tell me to surrender,
to your faith I should give my life.

What you tell me God is, should I believe?
should I lay down and die?
common sense tells me otherwise,
no longer can I follow your lies.




Perched high on deadwood, far above

An old crow awaits, the return of love

These years gone by, she has been gone

Each day he returns, no voice, no song


In Stoic silence, his vigil is true

To the one and only, who ever knew

The soul of this one, his only mate

As days grow short, he will always wait





Invoke in me a sense of wonder

One last time before I leave

Rip this tempered soul asunder

Leave no stone unturned to grieve


In time our hearts grow hard and cold

Disappointments take their toll

Dreams of grandeur fail and fold

No legacy to bestow


A thousand faces I have seen

Friends and foes that I have known

Lives full of hope and fervent dreams

Remembered now only in poems


Invoke in me a sense of wonder

Not despair and shattered dreams

One more time to rage in thunder

From the cliffs with valiant screams