The Cracked Window Explained

Hello, I want to briefly explain why I put up this blog and outline the scope.

At one time or another we have all looked through a cracked or broken window and know that the images we see are not always as they truly are. Often they are distorted, fractured or even unrecognizable, this is the heart of the “Cracked Window”, how we view the world, each other and how this affects the way in which we interact with our world and all of those in it.

The broken window is an analogy, it represents everything that stands between each and every one of us and the real, the true world. There are so many factors that change how we see things around us, things that are often not real or are aimed at eliciting a specific response or achieving a specific goal, “the cracks”.

The “cracks” can be anything from politics to media, from social trends to our changing human nature.

Feel free to post anything that is on your mind, anything that is frustrating you in the way they are not as they should be. This can truly be anything!

If you have any poetry you would like to post please feel free to do so.

I will begin:

Betrayal for gain… When a friend can completely, and falsely, turn their back on another friend and falsely attack and sacrifice that friends career, integrity and trust for position and financial gain. This is not in our nature, it is a learned behavior. Over the years, generation by generation, we are being taught by example that to be ruthless and cold is to be successful. Many would sell their souls for a buck and never blink an eye. How did this happen to us? We live in a time where you can trust no-one, the “I want what I want and I want it now” mentality has led us to this point. The way we view our world, (note I said our world and not the real world), has been twisted by those that can benefit from this kind of behavior, be it advertisers or others, but this is just one example of the cracked window we are looking through.



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