Original Thought


This afternoon I decided to stop looking through the cracked window for a while….not much of what I was seeing seemed appealing, (basically I spent some alone time away from the outside world).

I turned off the TV, the computer…everything…. Just me, no chatter, alone with my thoughts.

My thoughts.. odd.. when where they mine? They have always been someone else’s, with me reacting.


I want to be the furrier…the smith…hammer In hand pounding the basic form, the basic idea. Nothing of substance comes from a single mind.

One discovers, one realizes, one develops, tell me something I don’t know…

One discovers, one realizes, one develops. to the worlds surprise.

Few of us see things as they truly are. Those that do are to be commended…they are rare. Our world, and even life view is skewed, twisted by familial influence, societal and political manipulations.

When was the last time I or you had an original thought?

Not an idea that was instigated by something read or in response to someone else’s ideas? A truly, out of the box, sky blue, only to you or me, original thought. It has been a while.

So much input…but it is not mine or yours…we may respond to it but it is directed.

Original thought…I sometimes suspect there is no original thought…if Nietzsche is right we are simply repeating everything in a predetermined and priorly executed moment.

But….for each of us there is the potential to birth original ideas within our sphere of being and experience.

Have you ever had an idea and wondered where that came from? Then ran with it to places you never knew existed?

Often you never even suspect that the cracked window is even there…a camera lens filter between you and the reality.

Reality, propaganda…which is which? Reality, non reality….truth or lie?

The cracked window is a reality.

Be original, think the unthinkable, CREATE.

Stephen. (Stoic)


2 comments on “Original Thought

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I once thought? there could be an original thought, if we could remember why we feel the way we do when something or someone triggers a memory, whether pleasant or unpleasant…and we want to react instantly for the instant gratification feeling…..instead we could respond after not letting our mind take the lead…, but letting the heart think,….our minds job is to protect our heart from getting hurt, so reaction is required… if heart is over mind, then imagination, creativity would flow, creating an original thought, an original way to respond outside the box to the minds logic, thinking “inside” the box..if the mind could learn to trust the hearts energy life would be seen different and in a light of originality even if it is only original to you….

    it is difficult to explain what my heart over mind was attempting to create LOLs
    I would to have an original thought, one that has never accured before for me, if I could go without a memory sneaking up for a day, maybe I could

    this is a great read 🙂 Thank You I enjoyed it very much
    Take Care…you Matter…

  2. Thank you Mary. It has occurred to me lately that every thought we have is based on a memory, part of a storehouse of accrued knowledge and so we react based on the past. It just may be that Knowing is not knowledge but is the openness of the moment, ever new, rising, exploding, and dying, never to be repeated again. Knowing can be beyond thought and so it leaves no trace, no memory to be rehashed over and over. This kind of awareness is pure and untainted by any conditioning, and I believe this is from the heart and the source of all creativity.

    As you already stated, the mind is linear and logical and pulls ideas of what it already knows, what has been stored. The heart is always new, vulnerable and purity itself.

    If we could only lead with our heart we would know no sorrow, every moment would rise as it should then fall into the next, always new in open acceptance. Love would flow from us without any expectation of gain and without any goal in mind.


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