How Can I Be Me?

I Live, I Think, I Sweat and I Stink…….So…..

I am a human,…how much is debatable… I, like most of us, have had only a limited exposure to what, exactly that means…


We are animals, we are base. Tell us what you want, and we will surely fall in place.

Tell us how to jump, we will guess how high,

Tell me how much to make, to the tax I will bow,


Tread on me, I will take the load,

Count on me, I will show the road.


Blame me, I will bow in grace,

Martyr me, I will rise and brace.


If false, I will fuck you up,

To the grave I will chase.


If only for pleasure, I will,

Fuck you up, ruin your life, screw your career and wife…..never…ever…fuck with me.


Note: Sorry… I have been screwed over so many times that I felt the need to broadcast…….My apologies…


Screw me over and I will ……


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