The Value Of A Good Partner


When I feel lonely, you are there and know when I need to be by myself and when I need some company.

When I feel alone, you are there to comfort me.

When I spin out at the world you anchor me so I can find my way back from the stratosphere.

When the voices demand to be heard and I relent as they speak on the pages I write, you support and encourage.

When I am at my most introspective, analyzing life and the world we live in, you never criticize.

When my insanity shines through the cracked facade, you allow me to complete the loop back to reality.


I thank you, for your patience, your understanding and your tolerance.

I thank you Jodie, my wife, my friend and my partner.

Most of all, I thank you for your love,


Stephen: (AKA Stoic)



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