Job Searches and Parasites


Recently I have been looking for a new job and I am noticing a disturbing trend online with Job & Career sites. Most notably the larger ones such as TechCareers, Career Builder among others.

The initial registration is generally a lengthy one with the usual multi page questionnaires gathering personal information and such. Then comes the resume upload tool which, to date, has never worked correctly for any site I have looked into. Oh, it uploads the resume  just fine but the result when you review it is usually at least an hour spent re-formatting the entire document. I have tried .doc, .docx, .pdf…if really doesn’t matter, you will have to go back in and correct everything.

The worst sites try to autofill their forms with data from the uploaded document, needless to say you will get educational information in the work experience fields and every other kind of data movement you can imagine.

Okay, so I finally get the document and information to where it makes sense, more or less. Oh, did I mention that most sites will not let you even get a glimpse at the available jobs without jumping through their hoops?

Now I get to see the coveted jobs they have on offer. Hmm, do I really want to manage a Home Depot? Nope. Oh look, McDonalds needs a shift manager and it would only require a move of 1,300 miles! Wonderful. This from a search that asked for a radius from my current zip code…amazing technology at work there.

Needless to say, the automatic emails I get from these job repositories are numerous and useless and usually are the exact same ones I got the day before.

Did I mention the bombardment by third parties whom the job sites sell the email lists to?

So now I have a new job. I spend my days filling in forms online at least twice, sift through the flood of emails hoping there is something of value and unsubscribing from numerous sites that I didn’t want to hear from in the first place.

There are just too many parasites inventing their own jobs off the back of others who are looking for work. Maybe I will put up the best job site ever and bump some of them out of business…let them come to me looking for a job and I will fill their days with mis-formatted resumes and their inbox’s with spam that cannot be unsubscribed from.



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