Stand Alone


I saw you today, your mother was by your side,

You haven’t aged one little bit, although I know you have tried.


You were exactly as I remember, the devil in your eye,

I did not talk to you, I dared not even try.


Again I saw you, it was a little after noon,

Hand in hand, with the sweet young girl you might marry soon.


Again I did not speak, it was not my place,

To try to explain to you, all that you might yet face.


As days long shadows form, again you are there,

Sitting alone on that park bench, asking for change to spare.


Now I take the time, I sit and we talk for a while,

Of lives past and present, as we share a knowing smile.


Today it all finally became clear, the seasons that we all live,

When we are oh so young, there can be no advice for us to give.


Summer follows spring, and suddenly winter nears,

Today I finally took the time, to watch myself throughout the years.







Ordinary Man 1

In dusks somber drizzle he hobbles,
soft gray light, as shadows feed.

Taking small steps, barely noticed,
a threadbare overcoat, his mantle through years of need.

Supper, a gift he has long forgotten, he accepts with grace,
The roadside diner, checkered tablecloths, we sit opposite, quietly.

“Why me, why did you choose me? “I don’t know” I reply…I honestly don’t.
“I am sorry to intrude”, our eyes meet briefly.

The fire in his eyes speaks of another world, other lives,
Slowly he begins to talk, between slow mouthfuls of food,

“I have built worlds and been held captive, watching as they crumbled.”
“Forced to watch, so, so helpless.” “Gone before they should.”

“Cancer, war, and so much more” …”I tried, honestly.” “Everything dies, I could not help!”
“I have never regretted my choices.” “Such a life of adventure, so much love and loss.”

“My heart has been held gently.” “As I have held others.”
“By my own will and hand I have won and lost, in this game, as my dice were tossed.”

“Two wives and three children, gone now.”
His tone, no hint of sadness, no regret, his smile warm and somehow young,

We talked of places Samuel had been, all the faces,
Friends and strangers, common and heroes unsung.

The twenty dollar bill, pressed gently into his hand, all I have,
a look like he had never, seen a gift such as this before.

“I feel I know you, I have seen you.” His voice quivering, his eyes moist,
“I could be you,” I offered, if I were, you would talk to me, of this I am sure.


Revelations In Odd Locations



That tree, just at the edge of the garden,

That branch, sturdy, Stoic through the years,

A step ladder placed just so,

A rope and a kick, and off we go.


A matter of choice, reminders that we still can,

Realizations that free will lives, beyond common belief,

Awakenings, in the end, we all end,

Our world, our life is ours alone to defend.


We remain, for love, or we simply forget,

Caught in the constant stream,

Of moral dictates, immoral in intent,

In the face of populace dissent.


Freedom of will, right of passage,

Birthrights, as humans we are allowed,

Exit strategies are frowned upon,

By those who cannot, will not, never will, understand,

That we were always the ones with the upper hand.









We are all born innocent of original sin,

Indiscretions are gathered, and stored within.


Through our eyes we are guilty unto ourselves,

While others believe they are guilty themselves.


We struggle though life as we seek absolution,

From those whom we fear may bring retribution.


But every new day is one of atonement,

As we reinvent ourselves each and every moment.


Innocence is not something another can give,

For it is we alone who can learn to forgive.





Moonlit dandelion burst,

a dream, a truth revealed,

in twilights gossamer glow,

realms of possibilities linger,

eyes watching, still inward.


Grasp gently, or slip away,

she who visits in sleep,

unbound of earthly fetters,

hand in hand, hearts as one,

race the dawn two as one.



For You



Complete, or as much as I can be


With you I am me, in all my quirky glory


I love you for many reasons but most of all I love you for letting me be myself


I will stay by your side, enjoy my life and bring you as much happiness as I can.




So tainted after all these years,

not much fires the spark, or reduces to tears.


Awe is relative, always building on bigger things,

the more we see, the less life brings.


Once in a while, more rare these days,

by surprise, the world still finds a way.


Wordless sights, evoke forgotten chords,

just a sunset, but still, so beyond words.