Our World (‘s)



We often refer to the world as a single, consistent, conglomerated, homogenized realm, one that we can mold and shape as a global unified concept. The truth, as I see it…there is no “world”.

There are countless and infinite worlds, each distinct and unique to the individuals who inhabit them, created and based on personal needs, desires and necessities.

Of course there are the obvious cultural differences that shape the perceived world for large groups of people, based on geography, and then there are, the still obvious, subsets of worlds, within a culture, defined by social status, familial influences and personal perspectives.

If we drill down beyond “group worlds” we find that each and every one of us live in a purely personalized world shaped by so many variables that you might have a better chance of finding identical snowflakes or a four leaf clover.

This is a good and desirable situation. These are obvious issues for governments and statisticians who thrive on setting boundaries, measuring, standardizing, herding, and controlling people, and their lives, but within our own personal worlds there still remains freedom if we can but recognize the opportunity.

My personal world is comprised of art, poetry, music and love. I try very hard to balance responsibility and obligation with my insanity, (as perceived by others), which keeps my sanity intact, as ironic as that may seem.

Sometimes we get very lucky and find someone to share our world, someone that understands and appreciates the differences rather than the commonalities of personal worlds. We visit and sometimes take something new from them that can make our own world a little brighter, a little warmer. Hopefully we provide the same for them.

Although we view each other, safe in our world, through the “Cracked Window” we should recognize and embrace our differences and ignore the shepherds and bean counting pundits who would make all of our worlds bland and boring.








2 comments on “Our World (‘s)

  1. Thank you Hasty, that you liked this means a lot to me.

    Steve (Stoic)

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