Who We Are

We are who we are.

We are too often told to stay the course, tow the line, stay on plan,
whose course, whose line or plan are they throwing in our face?

Perpetuation of subjugation, decimation of our right to rise above subsistence.

Some moron, far in the past, decided he would define the course of mankind, (and woman kind).

Who gave anyone the right to tell us what to think?, what to believe?.

We did. Each and every one of us gave away that right. Now we are stuck.

So embedded in the day to day, just trying to get by, we can no longer see who or where we are.

We allowed this, you and I both.

Work, relaxation, vacation, all just incentives to distract you from seeing what we could be and what is really happening.





2 comments on “Who We Are

  1. I really like this. I agree with you. The task of thinking for ourselves has to be done in stillness and with no thought as to the illusion that has been created by others and thrust upon us.

    • Thank you for your understanding. If we can stay present in this moment, with full awareness, we have the gift of living in the reality of unlimited potential rather than that of others. Being still, and quiet, frightens most, but I believe that you and I know the joy, and peace, it holds.

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