Revelations In Odd Locations



That tree, just at the edge of the garden,

That branch, sturdy, Stoic through the years,

A step ladder placed just so,

A rope and a kick, and off we go.


A matter of choice, reminders that we still can,

Realizations that free will lives, beyond common belief,

Awakenings, in the end, we all end,

Our world, our life is ours alone to defend.


We remain, for love, or we simply forget,

Caught in the constant stream,

Of moral dictates, immoral in intent,

In the face of populace dissent.


Freedom of will, right of passage,

Birthrights, as humans we are allowed,

Exit strategies are frowned upon,

By those who cannot, will not, never will, understand,

That we were always the ones with the upper hand.







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