Ordinary Man 1

In dusks somber drizzle he hobbles,
soft gray light, as shadows feed.

Taking small steps, barely noticed,
a threadbare overcoat, his mantle through years of need.

Supper, a gift he has long forgotten, he accepts with grace,
The roadside diner, checkered tablecloths, we sit opposite, quietly.

“Why me, why did you choose me? “I don’t know” I reply…I honestly don’t.
“I am sorry to intrude”, our eyes meet briefly.

The fire in his eyes speaks of another world, other lives,
Slowly he begins to talk, between slow mouthfuls of food,

“I have built worlds and been held captive, watching as they crumbled.”
“Forced to watch, so, so helpless.” “Gone before they should.”

“Cancer, war, and so much more” …”I tried, honestly.” “Everything dies, I could not help!”
“I have never regretted my choices.” “Such a life of adventure, so much love and loss.”

“My heart has been held gently.” “As I have held others.”
“By my own will and hand I have won and lost, in this game, as my dice were tossed.”

“Two wives and three children, gone now.”
His tone, no hint of sadness, no regret, his smile warm and somehow young,

We talked of places Samuel had been, all the faces,
Friends and strangers, common and heroes unsung.

The twenty dollar bill, pressed gently into his hand, all I have,
a look like he had never, seen a gift such as this before.

“I feel I know you, I have seen you.” His voice quivering, his eyes moist,
“I could be you,” I offered, if I were, you would talk to me, of this I am sure.


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