Stand Alone


I saw you today, your mother was by your side,

You haven’t aged one little bit, although I know you have tried.


You were exactly as I remember, the devil in your eye,

I did not talk to you, I dared not even try.


Again I saw you, it was a little after noon,

Hand in hand, with the sweet young girl you might marry soon.


Again I did not speak, it was not my place,

To try to explain to you, all that you might yet face.


As days long shadows form, again you are there,

Sitting alone on that park bench, asking for change to spare.


Now I take the time, I sit and we talk for a while,

Of lives past and present, as we share a knowing smile.


Today it all finally became clear, the seasons that we all live,

When we are oh so young, there can be no advice for us to give.


Summer follows spring, and suddenly winter nears,

Today I finally took the time, to watch myself throughout the years.







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