Force Of Will


I am the force of free will

forged of desire

fate having no dominion

my path is my own.


No one to blame

the immovable object

becoming unstoppable force

my actions stand alone.


Fault no man

look inward for truth

your lot the fault of no other

accept who you are, never atone.


Freedom to choose

never given but always taken

the path less travelled

destinies course not yet known.






My Friend?


Am I so lost?

feeling that something is seriously out of place?


So out of touch?

with people all around yet no one meets my gaze.


Are you my friend?

reach out and simply take my hand.


Are we so alone?

touch me and you know I will understand.


Sdallen. (Stoic)




Darkness squeeze the light from my soul,

thoughts tainted by shadows of destruction,

days sun defeated by sombre gray,

take the joy and lucidity away.


Dwell in the dark dank cave,

primal rage rising,

banality, in all its instinctive glory,

rend the flesh from the bones of lifes story.


Victim, fall now to clever words,

slicing deep, they bleed on the blade,

no match for a lifetime of battle,

the onslaught,, relentless, a debt I chattel.


Sleep now, and if you survive,

I will value the bond,

bandage the wounds in dawns vanity,

a pardon of darkness’s insanity.





For A Friend



They say a Stoic heart never feels,

They surmise and may never understand,

But the pain of a friend is personal,

Resolve, which a Stoic heart demands.


Empathy I will always give,

I am human, how could I not?

When my friend reaches a hand to me,

My soul and more, I gladly forfeit my lot.


They say a Stoic heart never feels,

Then why are these tears in my eyes?

A Stoic does not feel for himself,

But for all the world he cries.






Loves Burden



So strong of body, muscle defying steel,

so Stoic of nature, head defying, what the heart might feel.


So focused, the path, so well defined,

so measured the steps, the ladders he’s climbed.


She smiled at him, the sun falling on ice,

she held him in her arms, a heart skipped twice, thrice.


She spoke to him, of mice and men,

she changed the course, the best laid plans, of women.


What could have been, maybe, maybe still can,

what options remain, imprisoned in her plan.


He often ponders, what might have been,

he struggles with what ifs, opportunities unseen.


He sinks to lows, never thought of when,

he was strong of will, he never needed to pretend.


How did a life, go so far astray?

how can the cost come due, each and every day.


How far off course, how far from home,

how can this love burden, one who is so alone.








Only Words



So beautifully she shines,

In light and ethereal dawn.


Words of sorrow, loss of heart,

Penned lovingly, of worlds apart.


In faith a soul is healed,

Rebuilt, the past repealed.


Heart opened to a loving word,

She sees and hears, before unheard.


Embraced in grace, from above,

A kiss placed gently, in love.


Joyous wonders of life revealed,

To each one of us, who learn to feel.