All The Same


Why are you so angry?
Was it something that I said?
I really do not know you,
Can you just talk to me instead?

Your words are so full of venom,
I still cannot understand why,
A simple look in your direction,
No malicious intent, but you deny.

Do you see me as an adversary?
A challenge to be met,
Your fists are clenched by your side,
Your words you may still regret.

A strangers fist is clenched in rage,
No choice but to stand my ground,
The glancing blow, of little pain,
Intent and meaning are profound.

I will not cause you pain my friend,
I will not prove my strength,
I will gladly take and accept your wrath,
I will not hurt you in defense.

The sadness I see now in your eyes,
As I offer you my hand in pain,
Lets me see you finally understand,
You and I were always the same.


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