I once believed I had a choice

That each of us had free will

That who I became was up to me

I once believed


I once believed I made a difference

That somehow things could change

That choices I made could stem the flow

I once believed


I once believed our right to be

That the good in others would prevail

That in the end it would all make sense

I once believed


I once believed there was a reason

That others shared in common

That it all would become clear in time

I once believed




Lost In Translation


Words, in a cup, shaken and tossed

Fall where they may

In sonnet, delight the senses

In anger, gifts returned

Upon deaf ears, without meaning

Brick laid upon brick

Twisted to another end, veiled

Broken, hear what you can

Seeing through the cracked window






Speak to me with meaning,

your words and meanings clear,

not with imagined feelings,

you might think I want to hear.


Trust that I will understand,

what you feel you now must say,

not with words that you have planned,

to hold emotions at bay.


Speak to me with meaning,

let this one thing in life be true,

with a world so full of scheming,

at least let me trust in you.