All We Are


This piece is the result of various people providing their own lines and compiling the result as presented below.

Thank you everyone.



We are the gatherers, the collector of things

Cluttered junk obliges, for not always taking heed

Collecting much more than we can ever need

Forgotten mementos, stirring visions of glory

Each and every one, a memory in front of a story.


We are our past, remains among relics of material things

Our lives written in prose, verse and rhyme

Scene by scene, chapter by chapter, scribed in time

Shared memories; let’s see what the future holds

As present becomes past, and a future unfolds.


We are the authors, the writer of things

Searching through our reliquary when time allows

Glory days to warm our darkening nights we avow

To share a casual glance and a passing smile

As this train rumbles on mile after mile.




Chris Black

Roberta Seston

Stanley Fajans

Kevin Adams


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