Inadequate World



The bare minimum is rarely met,

basic decency, so easy to forget

the vacant smile on a plastic face

of care or contact, there is no trace.




Through The Cracked Window




Cracked? The damn thing shattered!

I could deal with “cracked” I got the rules,

I could hide behind the lies, distorted images,

I didn’t make them!


They sold me the goods,

Reality is a fucking bitch,

Sorry, but I am pissed,

An illusion, seriously?


Count me out, I am done,

Did you seriously think you were the only one?

As I turn my back and walk away.

I will live and dream another day.


(Who needs windows?)

I am: Always a Stoic.






Once again I am away,
thoughts that somehow,
this time I could find a way,
maybe to stay.

Once again I can hear you,
close enough, you say,
the miles are few,
too far, it is true.

Talk without touch,
apart but never by choice,
times threads are such,
that I cannot affect them by much.

Each walking, a solitary road,
rarely, we meet THE friend,
but, you and I together we may reap,
that which we have sowed.