4am Duluth

The city sighs in slumber
Her breasts rise and fall
Ice cold flows still clinging
Another few weeks until the thaw

Crossing the still frozen harbor
The high bridge, strange orthodontics
Silver across the gaping maw
Soon the ships will return

Restless as the lake sleeps
The city waiting above
Low rumbling just as dawn breaks
Always hungry for more


Lessons Learned

Each of us, we know some things,
gathered stories from the past.
Convinced of what the future holds,
we cling to them true and fast.

Standing up for what we believe,
a deaf ear too often we turn.
To every other point of view,
So many lessons we never learn.

Every person we will ever meet,
unique and perfect in their own way.
Can teach a truth we do not know,
if we only hear what they have to say.