Just This

Words I can see but cannot say
colors that pale upon a page
emotions that rise and fall away
as one to another we engage.

Try to explain a morning mist
the scent of a single rose
to one who has never known this
words do not come close.

Sometimes we should just let words go
to simply feel what is
and hold the hope that others know
a beauty such as this.


Through The Cracks

An open eye pressed up against the glass
against the void of shadows
the narrow crack dark and forbidding
why now the need to know?

Almost imperceptible from a distance
thin lines against the bright pane
comfortable in a familiar view
why now do I not refrain?

Confusion reigns, images do not match
through the glass the crack reveals
what was blindly believed to be true
someone else our fate has sealed.



The past but a memory resurrected in presence
The future unknown, a conjecture at best
The present abiding for but a moment
Arising as combined experience manifest

A lapse in perception, easily led astray
Mesmerized and attached we follow the storm
Believing what we see to be inherently true
Remaining aware and apart we observe the unborn.



Balancing Act



Seething anger twisting, twisted, twister

of half believed half truths heard somewhere.


Dreamt maybe? Maybe seen on a homepage,

so it must be true, right? You wouldn’t lie.


Searching, grasping, grasped, gasping,

the surface still too far above.


A scream, primal, rising, surfacing,

caught writhing, strangled at birth.


Carry on, the razors edge sharp and unforgiving,

balance, neither side enticing, centered.


Sharp focus dulled decisions,

others whispering which way to jump.