Just This

Words I can see but cannot say
colors that pale upon a page
emotions that rise and fall away
as one to another we engage.

Try to explain a morning mist
the scent of a single rose
to one who has never known this
words do not come close.

Sometimes we should just let words go
to simply feel what is
and hold the hope that others know
a beauty such as this.


6 comments on “Just This

  1. Beautifully penned, Stephen. I love the way it flows.

  2. Stephen,
    I just wanted to let you know that I honestly really enjoyed this poem. It’s become one of the personal favorites out of the ones I’ve read in “Through the Cracked Window”.

    With that, I wanted to ask permission to reblog it on “The Oddity Writer”, which is reblogging some of my favorite works from the blog’s followers as a sign of gratitude.

    Thanks for your time and patience in advance, I have high expectations for your blog!

  3. Reblogged this on The Oddity Writer and commented:
    The Oddity Writer’s spring farewell tour/summer season introduction continues by featuring “Just This”, a poem by Stephen D. Allen of “Through the Cracked Window”. Stephen was kind enough to provide supporting comments and to take the time to read the Mark Redwood Series before the spring season closed. I enjoyed his poems and he inspired me into experimenting on my own. It was a honor to have him subscribe to me after I followed him.

    Stephen, thank you for your support. Godspeed, and carry on!

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