Harken how the silence sings
Beyond the world of petty things
In solace songs a memory brings
A joy once known, in truth it rings

What now is heard among the din
Absorbed in greed and other sin
Lost in a past there dwells my twin
As I once was, as again I begin


Final Toll



In darks quiet comfort I will sleep,

My thoughts to wander, mine to keep,

An eternity of solace as lovers weep,

Forgotten in time, from memories seep.


Toil of the long day’s work is done,

A pound of flesh paid to everyone,

One last time to lie alone,

The final debt comes due anon.



In Shadow

Something is not right, this nagging feeling
Where I am is not where I need to be
A veiled glimpse from time to time
Something, someone, stalking the shadows,
Just out of sight

Turn quickly, sense the presence
It has been there since the beginning
Shy, silently watching, barley perceptible
A newfound boldness of late

I once met him, face to face
While dreaming, in clarity, somehow familiar
Gaunt features constantly in flux
A twisted fun house reflection

“Everything you might have been”
Softly whispered when asked
All the fragments discarded along the way
Unknowingly, breathing we remain.


Ignorance and bravado is what they say
The gun was loaded, but then who knew?
At only 17 a young life clock stops ticking
How tragic they say, pried from cold dead hands

Man versus food, fascinated by the reality
Could he really eat the whole thing?
Break to commercial, a small starving child
A mother weeps, as a clock stops ticking

In foreign fields, no poppies grow
Far from home, row upon row
Where life is cheap or so it seems
Clocks stop ticking in the death of dreams