So Simple

Rest now, relinquish
When to do is but a phrase
Weighed without consideration
Step smiling from the maze

Rest now, in silence
Where the world is but a dream
Fading tales without support
Finally knowing what it means

Rest now, remember
How simple a life can be
Stripped of lies that we are taught
Eyes open and free to see


2 comments on “So Simple

  1. Fading tales without support. Wow, So Simple is quit deep. Upon opening your blog I am hit with this little masterwork. Very nice sir! It really speaks to my recent attempts to step smiling from the maze I’ve allowed my creative spirit to languish in far too long. Anyways I have to go for it is late (actually early for I didn’t jump on the computer until the end of my shift and Levi will be here). I certainly look forward to exploring your work in a leisure way.

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