Early Riser

Senses awaken, faint hint of love unmistaken
Crumpled bedsheets, almost innocent white
Scents that remind, with thoughts intertwined

Pale dawn slowly creeping, while I half sleeping
Through soft lit dust on Venetian shades
Half read books lay strewn, around this room

Nowhere to be, eyes open slowly to see
You, soft breathing, hair loosely cascading
Beside you I am free, so where else could I be?

All In One



There never was alone at all

In singular awareness bound

No you, me, or really anything

Not a void or abyss to be found


A flower is a flower and always was

Just as sunsets fill our hearts

No you, me, or really anything

In awareness and never apart


Original nature still clear and pure

As it was long before the fall

No you, me, or really anything

In Great Perfection, the essence of all