Alone in the quiet I often sit
Within the walls I no longer fit
Being what I am, now unbound
Who I am, nowhere to be found

Beyond all concept, bereft of thought
Shed the bonds that time has bought
The storybook closed on another day
A tale believed, with a life we pay

Within, without, one and the same
Taught the rules, we play this game
Delusion often sets the rules
Many sail upon this ship of fools







I say some words, already regretting the sounds

My heart rises, guarded, at the chance of a smile

Boredom and irritation are the reply

Barely hidden in absent glances of disinterest


I know the words were not heard

The response automatic, disconnected

Intention doesn’t make it any easier

Or make the heart-fall ache any less


So many other places I could be

But my heart is tied to this time and place

Her screens soft light shows her distant smile

So I smile sadly and stay a little while longer



We Search

A different Life, a better Life
Missing what stares us in the face
Every sight, sound and smell

In the trees and flowers, a sunset
The roar of traffic, the beating of a heart
Within these words and outside of them

In the white of the paper and the black of the ink
In the space and in the silence
The in-between and the unseen, in the visible

In the throb of life and the peace of death
The cry of a baby, and the death rattle of the old man
In everything, as everything, life sings

The word ‘universe’ literally means ‘one song’.



Between where I am and where I wish to be

Is the measure of all stress

Between what I have and what I want

Is just a reason to impress


Between who I am and yet strive to be

Is the measure of this lie

Between what has been and is yet to come

Is a story into which we buy


Between that moment and the one not born

Is a world, stunning and free from strife

So I will sit and reengage

This mystery we call life