Today Is Tuesday




He smiles every time I see him

They call it work; it is not

This man so often reminds me

Of so many things I have forgot


The pure simple joy of being

Who I am without a care

Rarely complaining, like the rest of us

How this life can be so unfair


This Syndrome that afflicts him

Or so they like to say

Does not diminish or reduce my friend

In any true or meaningful way


Today it may not be Tuesday

Though it is every day for my friend

His right to each and every day

Is something I will always defend



3 comments on “Today Is Tuesday

  1. Adam says:

    Very nice Steve! So very true.

  2. Roberta says:

    Steve, I have re-read this several times. I believe that in all that is said and done- this gentlemen teaches more than he knows. Great job Steve.

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