Untold Truth

An answer? There never was one
No one ever told us
How could they?
When all are just as lost

Frail fingernails on a cliff edge
Bloodied and broken
Clinging to a sanity that never was
A Grimm tale told to children

The search, seeking order in chaos
Where no order is given
Truth is as truth is, not a wish fulfilled
Blinders or hope  could never make it so

Finally the fall, endless
Into the primal abyss, the void
Without beginning or end
Finally knowing the unspeakable truth


2 comments on “Untold Truth

  1. Katarina says:

    Very beautiful, powerful and truthful, even if it is only a view through the cracked window. Or maybe it is just the right way for finding the truth, like Mr. Joyce once said: “Shut your eyes and see.”

  2. Thank you Katarina.

    Every once in a while, rarely though, we catch a glimpse through one of those cracks 🙂

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