Time bound; this place of sorrow’s seed

Dwell among the lost; seek to fill the need

Home; the one un-birthed in peace awaits

Unfettered; unborn the apparent world abates




No One Home

You should never be here too much
Be far away without a care
You should never be here too much
In the other place, that no one can share

You should never be here too much
Rest in the void beyond the door
You should never be here too much
Beyond the grasp of wanting more

You should never be here too much
Where they will try to change you
You should never be here too much
Where they force their point of view

You should never be here too much
Made to see and think like they do
You should never be here too much
Open the door and step on through

All That Remains


Kapadokya © Ebru Sidar

Ashen memory; undisturbed remains

In your urn, rest, hum deaths sweet refrains

Chaos was once your true stock and trade

While the mindless winds bore the endless tirade


Dust to dust, you sowed till your last

Memory begat memory, far back in the past

Ah the past, endless thoughts of the once upon

Fantasies, and vague dreams always racing the dawn


And now you lie, finally seen as you are

Remnants of time, dead twisted, and scarred

Dragged from the coffin to dance once again

Till finally the day comes to brush off the pain


This Box Has No Lid


3:31 and the office feels the same,
An unseen click, click, click one cube down.
Someone walks by with a permanent frown,
Not so much typing as clipping nails again.

Within this box most days of the week,
Over there a low murmur of voices.
Every day so devoid of all choices,
Bound by the clock before we sneak.

To the door, the hand barely touching twelve,
Driving home with thoughts of tomorrow.
Days without end, it is time that we borrow,
All of our hopes and dreams we blindly shelve.

Here’s The Thing

Thing Is

Peace is, of itself, never sought nor found
Not the peace of politicians the contented, the seekers

Never to be contained, boundless beyond time
Unborn, unformulated, no thought nor reason

All the weight of the earth and everything upon it
It is this and more than the heavens beyond

The search; ah, the search, from a memory
The dream of man must cease for peace to be