Dark To Dawn

A tree

As darkness falls; rest alone

As it has always been, as it must be


Time with another; seeds are sown

Time whispers bondage, and is never free


As dawn becomes; rest alone

As it was, so it shall always be




In Dreams


There was a dream where I was happy,

In love; alive.

As I clung to you, the sense of the outside calling,

I slept.

A memory of something before this,

a soft voice behind me,

Whispers, reminding me, “awake, see what is here,”

the dream fades.

With fresh eyes open to see, you were never you,

and I was never this.




courtesy of: www.theodysseyonline.com


As I sit quietly, the world will be as it is

My words upon this page

Decorate the space between my thoughts


Truth rests between lies, rarely noticed

Unbound, unearthed they grow

Buried too long, they will not be denied


Pages reflecting what I am

More than an image, without cracks

The true one, hidden in words


The pen moves in silence

Looking from the mirror

Watching the one who writes

Cause & Affect


I continue to try; to love what I do not,

what I cannot. Yet I try.


Companionship, another, but I do not know,

that other anymore. Yet I want.


I see clearly and know this cannot be,

not any longer. Yet, I feel.


The pull of dead memories from the past,

images of the before now. Yet I believe.


Thoughts without life; dead; posing as what is,

what now can never be. Yet I am as I was.



Out Of Habit


I react predictably

From experience; the past

Following in the footsteps

My ancestors have cast


Collections of memories

Acting again and again

Yet surprised by the outcomes

Which are always the same


Habit is my prison

With thoughts I adorn

But the cell door is open

To where time is unborn

In Silence

A heart breaks in silence
Yet this maybe for the best
Kind words truly slice deeper
One now alone where two did rest

Words spoken in kindness
Without the love and touch
Nothing left but the searching
Though the answers ache so much

Fear for the path now chosen
Pray she may find what she seeks
Offer not the words of redemption
But love and support when you speak

Living in this broken shell
The one that I love will remain
As a heart lies broken and bleeding
I would joyfully fall in love with you again

The Taste Of Truth

A Truth that I know, though I believe, is not belief

Too often second hand if learned from another

Just words taken as our own, in blind faith

I can show you, you may glimpse, still it is my Truth

I could convince you, but words are not that which is

I can explain it, for a while, you may believe

Words are but symbols that point, but can never be

You would see something other than what I see

One path may be clear, so there can be no other

Though I walk with you, our paths may never touch

You cannot see through my eyes, nor I through yours

Still; once in a lifetime, it may happen; we find our Truth