To Be

The things that we lean on don’t last
Change is the shadow they cast
Borrowed, if just for a while
Held tenderly in the warmth of a smile

Some things can be held for too long
Often while knowing it is wrong
Living a memory locked in time
The belief that anything was mine

The things that we lean on don’t last
Fading unnoticed into the past
Rising within we may find
What may be cannot be defined


I Die Each Day

Each day, outside the boundaries of time, fresh as no day has ever been, nor could ever be again.

I die to all that has gone before, what has been, never was, complete, perfect and forgotten.

The past is dead, and laid to rest, whole and cleansed, never again to taint this day.

I am this day, as this day is all there is, in wonder and love, eternal, without boundaries or center.

Return Journey


The spaces shrink

The silence shrinks

Peace of mind shrinks


Smaller gaps of solace

Shrinking as time decays

Less and less is left of me


What remains, is what they know

What I was, no one ever saw

What I am, is unbound and free



Fall The Night

Painting by drewevans


Fall the night upon me dark

Naked born this journey embark

Of friend or foe as yet unknown

Time will tell in deeds be shown


In shadow times when virtue fades

Within a soul love does degrade

All around in greed and pain

A girded heart with taut refrain


Fall the night upon me dark

Tend this weak eternal spark

Battle scarred and scarlet stain

Upon this hallowed ground remain