The Gift




Soft moonlight bathe my dreams

this days gift of completion

given freely without cause or cost

Grace replacing contrition


Somber dawn birthing unborn hope

unbound joy is ours to grasp

step boldly in the light of innocence

grant redemption to the past



Curtain Call


Soft night swallows the day, as cares melt away,
fading now to a memory of what now never was.
All that felt so immediate in time, now losing its grip,
taking its place, just another momentary scene in a play.
The script, the actors, so skilled in suspending disbelief,
drawn into the drama, forgetting, becoming part of the plot line.
The curtain has been drawn, as once again the masks are removed,
and I return home, smiling at the importance given to every act.
Another audience will surely return on the morrow,
but tonight I play no role, and bid one and all a heartfelt adieu.

Soft Silence


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Life dwells in the silence,

between the drama, the need, the want.


In still moments, beyond the words,

the ceaseless words, noise without meaning.


Words that deceive, with unseen motive,

without truth, always taking.


Rest now, quiet comfort guide me home,

where there is love, without expectation, without cost.



All That We Love


All that we love is all that we own

Fame and fortune will come and go

Fading in time is the pain they bring

Life is lived in the ebb and flow

All that we love is all that we give

We choose to love before we go

Holding love close or to freely give

Never taken, but allowed to grow

All that we love can never die

The keystone of a life before we go

Never taken yet  ours to give

All that we love is all that we know