Strong heart forged in eternal flame
Tempered edge honed on the world
Full of emotion and no one to blame

The fallen, but healed will not falter
Ancient wounds weep in sorrows glare
No sword of fear shall stain this altar

Stoic of faith willingly enters the breach
Lost innocence of one who once cared
Shunning the lies this world might teach




Beyond Close

awakening of mind_body_soul

Realization dawns, uninvited, in this moment

Pondering how everything  perceived is in motion

Never pausing, always alive, ever full of  energy


Clouds billow white, traipsing nowhere in particular

Midsummer leaves twisting in the breeze

Stems too strong to grant them flight from the heat


Fall will be here soon enough


And the truth is there, as it has always been

Finally known, without effort, the search ends

All of life is in this solitary moment beyond time


The single constant, breeding infinite change, is seen

The canvas is known, unchanging

The artists brush never pauses, for this moment


I am nowhere, and everywhere, and I am the flow



Beautiful Web


Let this poison within me end

I fear its course has been run

So far gone, too weak to defend

This damage may not be undone


Entered with little forethought

Not knowing what was at stake

Now In this web I am caught

For beauty and pleasure’s sake


If in due time I still survive

Put these pieces back as one

Never again shall I strive

For webs that may be spun




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As I release that which was never mine
A heart breathes in sadness
Bitter sweet, without fear or anger

That which was never mine fades
A path chosen, but no longer shared
Acceptance brings calm knowing

Peace without doubt or blame
It could never have been other than this
The joy, and pain, of sharing remains

A part of what I am to become



Sorrow is my companion

As a shadow he follows me

Pushing the past into the front

Demanding that I finally see


Acceptingly, I turn my attention

Call this exiled part of me home

Sitting together in silence

You will never again be alone


Finally, knowing you are welcome

I am sorry to have pushed you aside

Disowned you when all that you wanted

Was to acknowledge and let go my pride


Healing with love and attention

You soften your hold on the pain

Knowing you were always a part of me

Two become whole once again





This unattended moment: The past awakens

Claws rending; emotions spill into the light

Heart closes: Defenseless in what has been taken

Sever the head of this banal beast; end this fight


This unattended moment: Hopeless and caught

Pushed; falling and helpless in a bottomless past

Reliving battles: Never wanted, but they were fought

Opening the old wounds; has the future die been cast?


This unattended moment: Trust may be a snare

Without mercy or reprieve; held within this cell

Too tired to fight: Maybe one day, if given care

A broken heart may open; for now only time will tell


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