This Mirror









The glass is not the best quality

Imperfections are not few

Distortions may be fun for a time

But not when taken as true


Reflection can be a good thing

Just not when solely without

Within the truth may be seen

Beyond is in shadows doubt


This mirror that we look upon

Filtered through eyes of the past

Shows us what we want to see

A reality that simply won’t last






Broken wings are slow to heal

Earthbound, and hidden

Memories of the sun fades

Forgetting how to feel


Hidden under a cloak of steel

Feathers wilt and fall away

Protected from a world of pain

Forgetting what is real


Armor rusts as most things do

Nothing stays the same

In time all things must come and go

Forgetting, sorrow will too




How Many Times


How many lives have been ruined
For what we call you and me
How many decisions have you made
When you refused to clearly see

How many wars have been fought
Out of ignorance anger grew
How many more will take their place
To return the payback that’s due

How many of us have simply stopped
Taken a step back to take a look
How many see beyond the pettiness
What far too many have mistook

How many times must this habit prevail
Before we finally realize
That I am you and you are me
And peace is life’s only prize

Morning Coffee


Coffee stains and soft refrains

Tell me to remain


The half full cup is lifted up

To my lips once again


Adrift in notes, aroma floats

Work calls to me in vain


I will stay; hold the clock at bay

To the tune of falling rain




The Dream

art - dream

The dream is of one, gentle and kind

Full of compassion and care

Without ever looking will find

One who has always been there


Fortunes will come, and surely go

Castles will crumble in time

Life’s  pendulum swings to and fro

As everything tends to decline


The dream is of one, it will always remain

Never diminished, never lost

Awake or asleep are one and the same

Until the final boundary is crossed