Caught In The Current


The movement is enormous

Washing, pulling, adrift

Riptides slide, far from shore

Self given over, blindly

Striking out, against all odds


Hearts oasis, sanity, peace

Quiet reflection, calm

Clear vision, now awake

The dream, a fraud

Safe harbor, from an angry sea






In darkness lies the seed

Unaware of the light

Oblivious to what lies above

Content in its being

Perfect without a sense of need


Awaken to the tender care

By the keepers hand

Nurtured with tenderness

Unfolding strong upward

Becoming what was never there


I have no fear of death
Nor fear of lesser things
Not pain or sorrow
Which life may surely bring

I have no regret of loss
Nor regret of mistakes made
Not now or past
Which life may have forbade

I have no rage at life
Nor rage of love now lost
Not envy or desire
Which life may often cost

As I Am


Who will I be when no one is there

What will I do when I make a choice

Am I for others or am I more aware

Will I speak with a true voice?


Do I know that I am, what I must truly be?

A reflection in the mirror of the world

Acting a part, you have written for me

A story that is clearly absurd


I am all of this, as are all the rest

Nothing ever given or taken away

For we will find beyond the quest
A truth that words cannot convey



Some are harder than others

Some we will never learn

Some they may be painful

Some just await their turn


Time may heal an open wound

Time may turn the blade

Time may even seem to stop

Time when mistakes are made


Lessons always make us change

Lessons for better or worse

Lessons may even lift us up

Some lessons become our curse