Decisions & The Void


We act as if by some free will

Thinking we are the doer

It helps us to feel safe, it helps us sleep

But of even this can we be sure?


We keep our world smaller and manageable

Within conceivable limits, and time

No ripple from a choice, or separate thing

This one flow neither yours nor mine


We pick, and choose, until the end

Death happens, endings must come

It is nothing personal, apparently

Though it may feel like it to some


We choose, and accept, the result as ours

Good or bad it helps us feel in control

The illusion of doing most anything

Is imagined, and so is the toll


To simply let go is unthinkable

Exactly; don’t think and let it go

Everything is just as it must be

We really don’t reap what we sow


We haven’t figured it out yet

Maybe we never will

Yet we search for something; anything

Poured into this void we must fill




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