In Sorrow



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There is a welcome soft sadness

One that tastes of joy and loss

Peaceful contemplation inviting

A road few can find, or cross


It wells from deep within the heart

Spreading, it opens to peace

A lonely openness expanding

In which fear and pettiness cease


And I am lost

A feather borne

Aloft wisps of emotion

Into the day reborn




7 comments on “In Sorrow

  1. mukul chand says:

    great post, lovely pic.

  2. Marcia says:

    I love the light emotional depth of your words. They floated into my heart requesting admittance. Acceptance stands in the shallows waiting if we but look, hear and listen to our heart. The inability to reach for the hand of love to conquer our pain doubts and fears will always lead us down the path of uncertainty.

    I am floating and have been since my Father’s death to accept his loss. Especially when I look into my Mom’s eyes. The ache and pain fill my soul. The paddle seems far.


    • Marcia: It is so good to hear from you after so long.

      As I read your comment I am starkly aware that your words, of themselves, create a deep, and beautiful, piece of writing in their own right.

      I am very sad for your loss Marcia; I am a very good listener, if you need a friendly shoulder.
      – Stephen

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