Snow is falling
The day after Christmas
The fire in there is calling
But I will stay out here

We sing a song
For the day before
Most of the words are wrong
But truly we don’t care

These are very special friends
Who may not  know the day
They look to me with trusting eyes
So out here singing I will stay


It Never Stops




It never stops, as much as we wish, we beg

We pray, it never does


Feeling we can never survive

Sometimes we fall, often

Heads bow in sorrow


Sometimes we rise

Heads bow


Steps are steep

Balance is learned

Two up, one down


Yet here is here

How many times?


Slow to learn

But time means nothing

When there are no limits


The others lie

Follow not their flawed path


You are you

There is no path but this

You know, you have always, always known


And so you walk

Helping others along the way


Only a helped one can help others


Necessary Chaos


This roiling mind, chasing, plotting

A spoiled child, wanting, needing

Finally, understood, clearly seeing


Watched in amusement, spinning

Thinking, rambling, twirling

Never leaving, and never arriving


But a ghost, forever pushing

Broken fingers vainly grasping

This broken toy, finally outgrowing


Gently, lovingly put aside knowing

So much time wasted playing

Foolish games, and no one winning