From Here To There


I once was born; or so I’ve been told

But you cannot convince me

You say I was there; if you say so

I have no memory, so how can that be


I feel that I have always been here

Though that mirror never stays the same

If I refuse to check it

Innocent and unchanged I remain


The fool in these eyes often seems confused

And he takes me along for the ride

I bide my time without a care

Accepting of what he decides


They say that one day I shall die

But you cannot convince me

Maybe this shell will fall away

But I will remain to see


Then & Now

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In younger days, we look to see the differences

How I am not you, and you are not me


In time, we begin to see beyond the differences

How I am you, and you are me


In the end, we know there were never differences

How there was no you, and no me


How there was ever only us

Into The Canvas


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Living on the surface is exhausting

Leaving rainbow footprints as we go

Colors fade as only memories can

Cracking paint, the canvas below


Some things are never changing

In dusty attics of a neon world

Yet the painter would have nothing

Behind images of lives unfurled


Brushstrokes mark the joy and pain

Of lives portrayed without sanity

Leaving fading footprints on a canvas

In a painting that was never reality


Just A Man


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He was a man

Just a man, there were many

He taught in parables, we took it literally

Ignorance is no excuse


For each there was a group

They were; “the chosen ones”

Each against the other


Killing, for the same thing

Where was the message born?

We all have our traditions


We are right, they are wrong

We became corporate

Hostile takeovers, war


Death in the name of…

We fought for a divisive cause

Unity was the true cause


And the Word was lost.