From Here To There


I once was born; or so I’ve been told

But you cannot convince me

You say I was there; if you say so

I have no memory, so how can that be


I feel that I have always been here

Though that mirror never stays the same

If I refuse to check it

Innocent and unchanged I remain


The fool in these eyes often seems confused

And he takes me along for the ride

I bide my time without a care

Accepting of what he decides


They say that one day I shall die

But you cannot convince me

Maybe this shell will fall away

But I will remain to see

One comment on “From Here To There

  1. I found this piece a little bit eccentric but still highly enjoy and addictive. Once I read the first line I couldn’t look away. It’s an interesting perspective yet you captured it perfectly. The words were simple, but used in a way which made them so effective for this piece and the rhythm made it feel all the more somber.

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