Fallen Grace



We are the dead

Hidden from the light

Sleep the sleep of ages

In deepest darkest night


When eyes are opened

Arisen from this plight

Truth and clarity reign

Restored in us the right


Closing Act


courtesy of: malvona-pe.pl

In time; none to be found




Peace reigns eternal

All is as it is, must be

It can never be other




Finally rests in its place

As it will always be

As it must always be




Master of illusion

The final act ends

A role played out




The script is shelved

Always another day

Reality sheds its costume




Truth shines bright

Donning a well worn coat

Stepping from the stage



In A Moment


courtesy of: http://www.simppa.fi

This moment is

There is no denying it

And it is eternal

It always, truly, is


Why do we dwell

All the world is here

You in yours

I in mine


When my moment ends

Does your also?

And will you know?

Will I?


In a moment

When edges fray

Turning the page

This moment always is

Just You


I know you

We played in the sandbox

I made you do it

You cried,

I was sad


“Try it,” I said

You did

I picked up the pieces

As you scattered


She was the one

I saw time without end

You were easy to convince

How flawed we were


The next play will come

But now

A pinch of salt

Keeps them at bay




Restless flitting

Uneasy sitting

This to that

Never resting


Without grace

Upon this place

Here to there

Always testing


Money spent

Joy we rent

Ever so fleeting

Life detesting


Give without take

What we make

Forever remains

Love divesting


Falling Stars



We are all but falling stars

Shedding light across the sky

Nights inky canvas brought to life

Morning dew the joy we cry


Silence bleed the coming song

Our breeze in rustled leaves

Whispered grace to sooth the fire

Lost youth for which we grieve


Starlight twinkle before the dawn

To sleep with each new day

And rise anew as dusk draws near

Kissing the sun as it slips away