These Eyes


courtesy of:


My eyes are of the past

I am here, after all

Many have gone before

I see for those who cannot


I am of the past

The most recent of many

From my father and before

Now resting in trust


What I do, or say

The pinnacle of eons

The voice of the countless

Points of light


Each of us echo

For every voice

That has ever lived

Speak in kindness


Together, here, we are

A culmination of mankind

Since the dawn of time

One speaks for all


Speak in kindness




courtesy of:

Shielded by memory

Changed, dead

The word is not the thing


Fearing the real

Twisting the truth

Of what the now may bring


In the gaps lay the unspoken

Not the thoughts that bind

With a death grip we cling


To lose ourselves

So simple it seems

Without remembering

We Are



For we are love,

anything I do must be of,

from, for, and is born of this,

Unless this child is lost.


If by chance this fool does anything,

from some smaller place,

the suffering is truly mine,

against my true nature,

from the mind steeped and chained,

mans machine of pain and poverty.


So far from the deep wood mist

Scarlet dawn flared dragonfly wings

The rising miracle of all things

As I sit, sunlight on my face gently kissed.




On bones we stand

The fallen mistakes

Their shoulders too frail

To bear the weight


Of children long gone

Pictures black and white

Fading to grey

And hidden from sight


What came before

Lies far below

As world upon world

On and on we go


Pride in the goals

Gathered and sold

On bones we stand

The fallen and old



The Question


65Tree of Life

What is this?

All of it

Stars against black

Sun against blue

Me and you


How is this?

What does it mean?

The spark we are

Being here

Is so unclear


There is no word

There never was

This search

Without end

On faith depends


The answer we seek

So close at hand

Is in the question

As it always was

It is because