So Long


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9 years since I have seen my family

The ones of blood

Of shared roots, and skinned knees


9 years full of sowing and reaping

Each to his own

So long, yet never the sound of weeping


9 years, and likely quite a few more

Paths no longer cross

Life was not a game, and there was no score


Now I Sleep


Now I sleep in trust

I relinquish this day

A memory that never was

Forgotten as so many before


A world in a faded dream

Meaning is an ethereal thing

A rear view speeding from view


There once was a man

Or so I was told

One who is well recalled


Words speak of deeds

I have never seen

Pulled from a past

Echoes of what has been




Another Day


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And so I am for another day

The point vierge of light

I asked in innocence

May I be?




Newborn eyes

And my heart sings

To reignite from ashes

And so I am for another day