The Song


courtesy of:

In daybreaks glow

Whispers of a new day

A sleeping world stirs

Act one of the play


And I sing

Off key

And made up words


To the first birds

Who answer in kind

With tones much sweeter

Than I may find



We Are


We are always more than we know, more that they teach us..

We have always been.

How can we be taught by those who never see, or acknowledge?

The potential, inherent in each and every one of us.


Forget theory, organized religion, cultural biases.




Do you get it?


How is it that we are here? That we see, feel, hear..?

This was not chance, Chance?? Are we that thick?


Your mother and father made you.

Sure; Are you sure?

That is a thought, a memory.


That exists in a time, a time that no longer exists…

Prove it!


We were never here, as we thought Here was.

How could we be?


As a frame in time, we can neither prove or validate that that period ever existed.


When we reference the past it is always done in the present.

It is a thought , a memory of the past occurring in the present.





Stunning as a late-blooming Dahlia

You gleamed, iridescent glory

Soft mist upon upturned petals


Beckoning, impossible to ignore

I could not, I did not

Together as one, we stayed


Untouchable in our world

Dark storms brooding, we rode

Unbridled, beyond time and pain


As all things, seasons will change

The early chill became the cold of dawn

At first, the slow wilt left unnoticed


The nights freeze pulling ever downward

As one becomes two once more

For now, we sleep, to dream of spring




In the midst, I am loved

Welling within and without

Amongst all, held gently


All creation loves and is loved

Unknowingly, unaware

By existence, an expression of that love


Yet I know, we know


I offend and am guided gently

To learn of better ways

Never too far, always here


Words fail, poor shadows of truth

Falling to silence beyond thought, ideas

It is clear and never to be spoken