We Are


We are always more than we know, more that they teach us..

We have always been.

How can we be taught by those who never see, or acknowledge?

The potential, inherent in each and every one of us.


Forget theory, organized religion, cultural biases.




Do you get it?


How is it that we are here? That we see, feel, hear..?

This was not chance, Chance?? Are we that thick?


Your mother and father made you.

Sure; Are you sure?

That is a thought, a memory.


That exists in a time, a time that no longer exists…

Prove it!


We were never here, as we thought Here was.

How could we be?


As a frame in time, we can neither prove or validate that that period ever existed.


When we reference the past it is always done in the present.

It is a thought , a memory of the past occurring in the present.




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