The End Of Innocence

Deep basic black, in joy he soared

Sleek violet sheen

Most mornings we met the dawn


Now every day he will be gone

What did it mean?

Nothing of import to the bored


He misjudged, only one time

Wind or speed

Nature can be unforgiving


So an end to this living

Finality without heed

At dawn he will no longer shine


This friend of mine


I Am


Courtesy of:

We are not of this place

Thrust here without grace

Into rules that bind

Yet the spark is not blind


Teach me to be as you

Tell me your words are true

Tell me how things must be

Eyes down, never try to see


Now the threats, they fade

As I see the price they paid

To fit into this sad machine

Knowing what a life can mean


Wonder; when old and worn

Left alone for the younger born

Free to finally understand

This life was in another’s hand.



coutesty of:


And there are words, often useless, often noise

Sometimes they are more

Small pieces of a history set free

Bit by bit they leave and take

Small shards of what I used to be


And I am less, yet I am somehow more for the loss

Fallen to the ground, or received

Parts of me are gone, never again to be found

If heard, if understood, they live on in another

As I become unbound


In a here that never was

Shared with what always was…

What will always be…as it was in the beginning

Is now…and always will be

More words spoken in the dark night


And I pray, though I am not a Christian

I meditate, though the East is but a dream

And the words rise

I release what is left of me

So little remains to be said


When they are done

There will be peace

Empty to accept

That I am

With nothing left to say.






The day will come when I am too tired to care

And I will have to go


When the tatters of the world begin to show

And become hard to bear


When this race of rats finally starts to wear

As I only want to slow


Where decay abounds nothing can grow

But I am too tired to care