Because life is not perfect

And I am flawed

I fit right in

Some never see

The beauty, the call


An old, broken violin

Repaired and flawed

I do my best

The past sings

And I smile


And I play


And I smile

You may, but I do not care


This broken wood sings

Bowed upon flawed strings

My song and the past sings

Upon forgotten

And broken strings.




Beyond Eden




We live our lives,

Things we love

What we know we should not


Eden speaks in whispers

We ignore


Stay with me,

Don’t let me go

Steps beyond Eden


I follow,

I love and fall with you,

Until the end


And the price

As Eden speaks


And I am still here

As Eden calls.

The Emptying


Courtesy: https://bujinkansantamonica.blogspot.com

Lives are lived in pain

Chastised and often small

Truth profound yet plain

Arising above it all


Now there is less past

Thoughts by others drawn

Shards of shadows cast

Cast upon an empty dawn


Piece by piece removed

Humility fills the space

Places lies once dwelled

Empty without a trace


A journey of one step

Passing through a door

Taken with no regret

Now and ever more



Courtesy of: a2star – DeviantArt

I try to write what cannot be written

To think what cannot be thought


To express what is untouchable

Out of reach and cannot be bought


The sense of a dream unexamined

Slipping through memories veil


Fingers grasp when awake

But in words this life must fail