Of No Import


It meant so much

It was Life or Death

It was so important

Needed with every breath


I lived with pain

I worked for it

I Sacrificed my heart

Every day into the pit


In a past moment

In the past now

In that sad lived life

It consumed me somehow


Now I can see

Now it is so clear

Now I may save

What has no fear


As I turn away

As I lose my grip

As I finally see

Life; and let it slip




courtesy of: yinkabrand


Over and over I am let down

I try and too often fail

Things I thought I cared about

Fall apart


I see they never mattered

Just me passing time

I once cared, or I thought

But they did not


Now a space opens

A void, something lost

I need to fill it

Do I?


Leaving it alone

The wont slowly fades

Maybe I will do it…

Another day


And I rest, walking lazy

I do not care

Finally I am here, present

And not elsewhere.


And I smile, it has been so long.




One Truth



The truth is the truth, there is no other

It is as it has always been

It cannot be anything but the truth


It is so close, always near

Closer than you are to yourself

And yet you search


So many have explained this

So many words

Yet no one wants to hear


We attach to “ism’s”

We take the sacrament

We stare it in the face


And we walk away

And we search


Jesus knew

Mohammed knew

Buddha knew

John Smith knew (maybe)

Mathew knew

Moses knew

Samantabhadra knew

Mark knew,


Gandhi knew


Your neighbor knew

When he saw you crying

And never said a word

Putting an arm on your shoulder


We search for personal truth

There is none

You were never the center


If we feel it doesn’t fit

We look for something else

It is dismissed out of hand


We want life to center on us

Life is life, you are not

Truth is truth, and you are not


Truth; there is no you, and there never was.


And all this shall pass _/|\_