One Truth



The truth is the truth, there is no other

It is as it has always been

It cannot be anything but the truth


It is so close, always near

Closer than you are to yourself

And yet you search


So many have explained this

So many words

Yet no one wants to hear


We attach to “ism’s”

We take the sacrament

We stare it in the face


And we walk away

And we search


Jesus knew

Mohammed knew

Buddha knew

John Smith knew (maybe)

Mathew knew

Moses knew

Samantabhadra knew

Mark knew,


Gandhi knew


Your neighbor knew

When he saw you crying

And never said a word

Putting an arm on your shoulder


We search for personal truth

There is none

You were never the center


If we feel it doesn’t fit

We look for something else

It is dismissed out of hand


We want life to center on us

Life is life, you are not

Truth is truth, and you are not


Truth; there is no you, and there never was.


And all this shall pass _/|\_




6 comments on “One Truth

  1. drikus says:

    this is one very powerful piece. words so pure en direct. thank you for giving a slice of the knowledge to life.

  2. I know this seems impossible given the subject and it’s inevitably, but I find so much peace when reading your poem. May have a lot to do with my requiring a validation of sorts, but either way you are correct.

    Thank you for following my poetry today. I very much look forward to reading yours. It’s quite powerful, Stoic.
    My best to you,

    • Thank you, Audrey.
      Your kind words make me smile. We simply seem to have a habit of making something so simple into something incomprehensible. Truly, nothing is impossible.

      I am thoroughly enjoying your writing, your style is very refreshing.
      Stephen aka Stoic.

      • You have a perfect view of the world, Stephen. I like the name Stoic and with your permission would like to refer to you as he. Brings about such great feelings. I’m honored you’ve read my poems and you’re welcome to stop by anytime.
        ~ Aud (I love Wisconsin. I have an elderly Grandmother & family in northern WI.)

      • You are very kind Audrey. I don’t mind being referred to as Stoic, I used to write under that name on various sites, and have always identified closely with Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus in their philosophy.

        One of your pieces, in particular, struck a deep chord in how deep and insightful your writing often is. “Searching For What Isn’t There,” is my favorite piece, but I am still reading. – Stephen

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