The Custodians



We were given a gift

The world to command

All Wisdom in our hands


If the World was without us

How would it be less?


We were gifted the One

Self-aware and absorbed

Yet we are so blind


Ego raised to an art

A World set apart

And we raped it all


The world without Man

Nature’s balance

As it was planned


What was the gift

We gave?

What did we offer?


If we never were

Life would have endured

Ensured as designed


Yet we were, we are

Lost in ourselves

Until the bitter end




Finally, I awake

I hear the street

The world heaves

Yet there is a silence


Finally I can hear

Within the Silence

I hear the street

The world heaves


Finally I know

Without the one

The other is not

Together as One


Finally I rest

Within the world

Within the noise

Yet there is still silence


When The Light Goes Out


Courtesy of:

In a heartbeat, it is gone

The want, the need, the joy

I am here yet so far


Where once I smiled

Now Stoic lips set

Upon sights that pass


Motions are just that

Where desire once dwelt

The dark night lives


And I will abide well

For as in all things

This too shall pass


When I Thought



I thought I knew
I was sure
I thought I was right

The games in the night
Knowing was pure
What I knew was true

I was one with you
No one was truer
As we held on tight

We were without sight
We were sure
We were never new

Lost 2

In the faces of those lost in the world
Drawn to The Word, to the sounds forgotten
For a moment they remember

The draw is strong
Yet they walk away
A second of awakening

Never remembering
What is real

Sometimes..I see a memory
On the face of the corporate
They remember something

They fade into the truth
Drop a dollar and walk away
Waking never lasts
As they walk away, back to the dream
Of their life.

Stay; stay with me here..see
This is real, that is not, see.


What we have lost
What so many have known
We have forgotten

Whispers speak occasionally
We should listen
When Truth speaks

What is real we ignore
We fail to see
When it is before us

Nothing is new
No “thing” gives joy
Never has it been lost

Now is all there is
Not tomorrow
Never is it the past

We are never but here
Wanting what we seek
Wasting​ what IS

Wake and see
Wasted time is just that

Wrap a soul in truth
Warm a heart in love
Welcome life, as it is.