Life In The Shallows


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Sparkling and bright

Reflections always abound

Beauty is all around


Apparent glory

Enamored and lost


We are bedazzled


Maybe we feel the tide

A slight pull to Openness

We blindly resist this


And it is gone

We continue


Closed to possibility


Life in a Tidal pool

Safe in a familiar place

The Truth not yet faced


The Ocean waits

The Great Unknown

The Dark Abyss


Some may venture

Into the depths, the deep

Others rest in sleep


In sorrow, we feel

The pull of the unknown


Into Life beyond, freedom


To understand it all

As it truly may be

As it reveals we may see


Not what you thought

Could ever imagine


All of Life.






In A Dream


I once had a dream

I wore my favorite flannel shirt

In a mall store

People all around


I talked, to someone

Asking for help

The details fail me

But they were confused


In a mirror, I saw

Myself, yet I was

Other than I am

Bent, but still someone


A stranger ignored

Disabled and twisted

Words that I spoke

Others could not hear


So clear I tried

To tell my side

But ears never heard

Any of my words.




In this world, I work with and support, Vulnerable Adults, those with MR, Cognitive disabilities, Developmental defects, Mental Illness, and TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury,) and so it has become a large part of who I am. I have learned more from my friends than from the mainstream world. I smile more, laugh more, and take life a little less seriously…simply happy to be here.

In This Time


I find myself here

Never by choice

As no one does


Day to day

Arise and we do

What we must


I often question

What I have become

And I try to trust


That I am guided

By some hand

Knowing what I was


This turn of the wheel

Pray I clean the slate

Of what I am


Retribution is harsh

Yet I accept the price

And do as I must


Joy is within this

Life as it is

This game of trust


And I bow now

To one who was

Always, a better man.

Blank Man


Courtesy of: SHiNiGAMi-Xiii – DeviantArt

I am unseen

the unknown

meekly I live alone

by choice, I live

as I will die

no legacy left

no one to cry.


If by chance

I choose to act

in charities pact

I take no thanks

I am unseen

as never here

A bow in a dream.


I was you

as you were me

the One ever free

I never came

you never went

though it seems

A life was spent.



The Dark Night


We all know it

Have felt it

Have lived it


The Dark Night


No matter what we do

Never enough

And we recede to


The Dark Night


We do our best

Give our all

Our life divest to


The Dark Night


One day, just once

We may see

Clearly, just once


The Dark Night


And John knew it

Falling down, down

It is okay, really


Within the Dark Night


When you do

You finally see

Finally understand


Within the luminous night


That you are fine

You have always been

We have always been


In Pure light


So, we do what we do

With understanding

We are still here


We are light


And we accept, all

Because we are all

And we live


We always have


And the Crucifixion is

A simile, a guide in life

What we die to; this


Because we are


We die to averice, to need

We die to the past

We live, we live, we live


Because we have always been

But we have forgotten. _/|\_



All Must Go



And I will die, as we all must

A subscription out of time

And we know this

A denial, and seen as a crime


You will be gone

And I will too

You will miss me

As I do you


This life was never this

About being right

It was about the battle

About pain and the fight


I know you love me as I do you


Another time and place


We may meet again