The Dark Night


We all know it

Have felt it

Have lived it


The Dark Night


No matter what we do

Never enough

And we recede to


The Dark Night


We do our best

Give our all

Our life divest to


The Dark Night


One day, just once

We may see

Clearly, just once


The Dark Night


And John knew it

Falling down, down

It is okay, really


Within the Dark Night


When you do

You finally see

Finally understand


Within the luminous night


That you are fine

You have always been

We have always been


In Pure light


So, we do what we do

With understanding

We are still here


We are light


And we accept, all

Because we are all

And we live


We always have


And the Crucifixion is

A simile, a guide in life

What we die to; this


Because we are


We die to averice, to need

We die to the past

We live, we live, we live


Because we have always been

But we have forgotten. _/|\_




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